DIY Tutorials – Urban Gardening x Lemonaid

Our organic soft drinks are just one way to make the world a bit more colourful and sustainable. Another – and equally beautiful way: Urban gardening. We want to show you how both can be combined in the form of upcycling ideas for our bottles and crates.

The term urban gardening actually means no more than: gardening in the city. What it conceals, however, is an enriching variety of creative ways to bring a little nature back into the city – away from stuffy allotments and tacky garden gnomes.

Creative protest and the promotion of plant green instead of dull gray were also the ideas of the pioneers of Guerrilla Gardening. Using seed bombs, unauthorized spreading of flower seeds, resurrecting urban shrubs into flourishing spots and much more, they set an example for cities that should be for people (and animals) rather than cars.

We want to actively contribute to this movement by combining it with the concept of upcycling. Therefore, together with the great Ghostbastlers from Hamburg, we developed creative and stylish ideas on how you can turn our empty Lemonaid & ChariTea bottles and crates into small, green highlights in everyday city life.

In order to turn these ideas into reality, we have created small DIY videos for you. Step by step you can learn how to turn an empty ChariTea crate, some wood and an Ikea bag into a mobile upcycling raised bed for your favourite cactus.

Download: Step-by-step tutorial planter box

Or how to make a DIY flower basket for your corner out of an empty Lemonaid bottle and a few cords with macramé knots.

Download: Step-by-step tutorial macramé plant hanger

Or, quite simply, with the help of a little bit of paint, conjure a stylish vase out of our bottles.

Download: Step-by-step tutorial vase

Three examples of many more ideas on how to bring some green to the city by upcycling our bottles and crates.  We are looking forward to your home-made plant boxes, flower baskets and vases – and all the other creative DIY ideas that come to mind.

Happy tinkering!


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