Upcycling, green-and-white style

When you’ve finished your drink, you can show off your DIY skills.


Because our bottles and crates are more than just empties. They are also perfect materials for innovative DIY projects of all sizes.

In a few simple steps, you can upcycle our packaging materials into unique furniture pieces for your bathroom, balcony or bar.

And for places that do not necessarily begin with the letter “b”.


Lemonaid-loving cafés and clubs from all over the word came up with many of these ideas; others were created by you in your own homes.

Here we’ve gathered together some of the most beautiful creations.


Small but perfectly formed:






Caption: Beautiful flowers deserve a beautiful Vase.



Soap Dispenser




For people who want clean hands as well as a clear conscience. You’ll find the pump here.



Oil & Vinegar / Sugar-dispenser



To sweeten up your life!



Great crates.






Allow us to introduce the most beautiful, simple, robust and sustainable outdoor furniture in the world. Take a seat on one in your favourite café.







Sweet dreams!
(Are you looking for instructions for use? We suggest you use your imagination.)



Stands etc.



For Tetris players and Lego obsessives: you can also build massive constructions using our crates. All you need is a 1,000-pack of cable ties and you’re good to go.



For DIY experts:


Spice rack



Just fish some driftwood out of the Elbe – or your nearest river – and take a close look at these instructions.




Event lamp


2012_Fusion_OleEkhoff 04


This green star lights the way to the best festivals in Germany. Unfortunately it’s not available for homes just yet, but we’re working on it.



Suspended lamp




Our friends the Ghostbastlers,(a pair of DIY geniuses) have made our bottles shine.



Cargo bike



Cargo bikes are the new black. Or in this case, green.

Udo, a member of the Lemonaid team, cycles through Hamburg’s Sankt Pauli district every day on this model. Envious? Our friends at Ahoi Velo will be happy to help you.


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