Salamita Soc. Coop – our blood oranges from Sicily

The main ingredient of our Lemonaid Blood Orange is the only one that is made in Europe. Blood oranges grow in Sicily, close to the slopes of Mount Etna. Because of the ideal climate and the volcanic rock, which is very fertile, it happens to be the only place where they grow at all.


Concetta + Francesca Salamita, Barcelona, Sicily, Italy © Michael Peuckert

Locally, we receive the blood oranges from the Salamita co-operative. Founded in 1972, this organic co-operative was one of the first in Sicily adhering to the guidelines of organic farming. The fruit is cultivated according to the strict rules Demeter prescribes, and thus meets all the guidelines of the EU organic certification. The Demeter Federal guidelines have existed since 1928 and are considered the oldest in organic farming in Germany. Since the blood oranges originate from Europe, they can‘t be Fair Trade certified.

Nevertheless, the work of the Salamita co-operative makes an important contribution to social welfare on the island. Sicily is one of the poorest and, economically, one of the most insecure regions of Italy. Through the collective purchasing of seeds, technical advice and joint marketing, the co-operative is able to offer social security to 200 families. Around the co-operative, a community has developed that is not only fostered through special seminars, but also by cultural and artistic work in the social structure of the region.
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