The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation

Drinking helps – but how, exactly?

Every bottle of Lemonaid sold supports development projects in the regions where our ingredients are grown – in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In this way, we raised more than 2 million euros for charitable purposes.

Projects are chosen and mentored by the Lemonaid and ChariTea Foundation. The goal is to help those in disadvantaged regions help themselves. The list of symptoms is often long – chronic underpayment, child labour, environmental pollution and destruction of species diversity, human rights abuses and discrimination against minorities, corrupt elites – and many more.


These problems can only be solved by the autonomous actions of local people.The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation therefore concentrates on increasing their resources. Thus, the organisation mainly supports entrepreneurs and educational institutes which aim to provide sustainable sources of income.


Since 2016, Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation has had a volunteer executive committee.
Here, you can discover more about its work and the people involved.



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