Interview series: “My Utopia”.

The interview series ‘My Utopia. Ideas for a better world.’ is a joint project between Lemonaid and the ‘FilmFabrique Collective’, a group of young filmmakers from the former factory-workers’ area in Hamburg.


In the last six years, we’ve got to know so many people with stories to tell and visions to share. They campaign actively for another, better world, or they think a lot about how change like this could come about.

Our interview project ‘My Utopia’ includes conversations with these people, and we’ll be adding many more to the series. They talk about their ideas, dreams, fears, and hopes for the future.


We can’t help thinking that political and social discourse tends towards inertia, to jogging on the spot rather than keeping moving. Things are earnestly categorised, casually lumped together, there’s horse-trading and hand-wringing, but far too little genuinely progressive thought.

The really big questions?
Well, they’re rarely even asked, let alone answered.


We think that just won’t do – it needs to change. In our interview series, we want to ask ‘what if?’. We want to run through alternatives, carry out thought-experiments, sketch out visions for the future, and re-draw the ‘big picture’ together.


See for yourself:


Selmin Çalişkan

Dieter Kosslick

Dominik Graf

The Yes Men + Laura Nix + Benadette Kodili

Samy Deluxe


European Film Awards

Joshua Oppenheimer



Music: Jahzzar – Room with a view


  • Delivered to your doorstep

    1 March, 2021

  • My Utopia #40. Ólafur Elíasson

    30 October, 2018

  • DIY Tutorials – Interior Design x Lemonaid

    15 August, 2018

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