Mixing Helps.

So, you’re a bit of a whizz behind the bar and you want to create THE best Lemonaid or ChariTea long drink or cocktail?

You’re in it not just for the honour and glory of winning, but also fancy a voyage of discovery through Europe’s best bars?

Yeah, we thought so!


Grab a few bottles of Lemonaid Bloodorange and Passion Fruit, ChariTea mate too, and whatever else you need for your epic cocktail creation.

Then mix, mix, give it a try – and mix some more!

If your recipe wins the Made in GSA Competition, you’ll be whisked by Mixology around the very best places that London, Paris and Rome have to offer to wet your whistle in style.

We’re crossing our fingers for you, and we can’t wait for your recipes!

Everyone at Lemonaid and ChariTea


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