Homemade limeade

It’s really easy – but you have to get your hands dirty, just a little bit!

Our make-it-yourself station was originally designed to show trade fair visitors that a great soft drink is made of real, fresh ingredients – and, of course, labour (that deserves a fair price).

Today, our make-it-yourself station comes with us to music festivals, street festivals and parties – because even the grown-ups sometimes want to make it themselves. Cut open fresh limes, add cane sugar, water – that’s it!


2012_Capsule_Sommer 19


2012 Organic Disco 14


2012_Capsule_Sommer_limostation 09


Limo_selber_machen 06


Limo_selber_machen 03


2012_Capsule_Sommer 20


2012 Fusion 14


2012 Fusion 03


2012 Fusion 8



A great big thank you once more to Tim John for designing the Station.



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