Gardening helps.

We make drinks out from fresh ingredients, sustainably grown – but you already know that.


But we also wanted to improve the environment right here on our doorsteps, and with really simple resources. So, we got together with a pioneering urban gardening collective from Berlin, the “princess’ garden”, and came up with small kits that can quickly transform empty crates into a garden oasis – no green fingers required.


True to the principles of our friends from Berlin, we do this the traditional way – using standard varieties and taking cuttings so that the plants can grow back easily. We don’t use hybrid seeds, and, of course, no genetically modified organisms.




There are three types on offer that can bring a burst of green in front of cafes, in organic food shops and on balconies:


Blooming in their little crate, the perfect complement to our ice tea varieties…TEA TIME FOR CHANGE contains mint, lemon balm and fragrant nettles.


As well as lime and sugar cane from south America in our bottles, try potatoes, tomatoes and chillis in our crates – A TRIBUTE TO SOUTH AMERICA needs lots of direct sunlight and warmth!


SHADE AND THE CITY grows even in a chilly supermarket. Comfrey, sweet woodruff and Jerusalem artichokes flourish even at northerly latitudes, and in the shadows of the urban jungle.




For anyone who wants to start their own Lemonaid garden, you can order empty crates here and, by doing so, supporting the work of our charitable organisation, Lemonaid and ChariTea.


Enjoy your gardening!


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