The Lemonaid Festival Truck

It’s been on tour throughout Germany for the past few weeks, visiting the best festivals. Time to introduce it here – the Lemonaid festival truck!




It might just be the greatest drink on two wheels, and it was designed and built by the famous Tim John, who has already worked with us on fantastic projects like the legendary make-it-yourself lemonade Station.




The festival truck is our rolling home for the open air event and music festival season. It’s a bar, a giant toy, and a donation generator, all in one. At the bar, there are cool drinks (with a shot of something stronger for the grown-ups) – and next to it, there’s some pretty cool stuff happening too:




Whoever donates their returnable deposit, or a coin, can pull the lever and push this spectacular machine into action. It hums, whirrs, jumps and flashes – and at the end the donations wheel lands on one of our social projects that will be really grateful for the small donation.




And so that the donor comes away with more than just a warm and fuzzy glow, the festival truck will recommend another one of our delicious drinks. With a bit of luck, it’ll be on the house!




Our festival truck has already been to some great places all over Germany: Skandalös, Haldern Pop, Lunatic, the Breminale, Dockville and elsewhere. If you’d like our truck at your festival, drop us a line!



  • €3 Million for the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation!

    4 April, 2018

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