Asocace – our partner for sugar cane

All of our Lemonaids are sweetened with organically grown sugar cane cultivated in Paraguay. Through the process of crystallization and refinement, the syrup extracted from the plant becomes cane sugar.

The organic cane sugar used in our lemonades is grown by the co-operative Asociación de Cañicultores Org. de la Zona Central (ASOCACE) in Guarambaré, Paraguay. Since 2002 the co-operative has enabled its members, 200 smallholders with an average property size of 20 hectares, to rely on the negotiating power of the organization when bargaining with buyers. This guarantees long-term price stability and thus secures their continued economic activity and independence.

More and more people profit from the better bargaining position and the benefits of organic farming methods. Together with ASOCACE the charitable organization Lemonaid & Charitea e.V. financed the development of four elementary schools of the region. Supplying the schools with several chairs, tables, panels, shelves and a computer have all allowed for a more effective learning Environment.





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